Hovi Group

Hovi Care Ltd offer care services for people with special needs. In Finland, the target groups are the elderly, people with memory illnesses, people with mental illnesses and persons with mental disabilities. In Asia, the target group includes local elderly (often with memory problems) and elderly health tourists who move to a warmer country to spend their retirement.

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ReLift is an aid that places the elderly and weakened in the correct position during toilet visits. ReLift thereby creates both human and social-economic value by reducing any related illness from an incorrect position on the toilet.

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Tausan robotics is a company developing robotic assistants for people in need. We combine less complicated technology with advanced computer vision to bring smart robot to market. Handybot is your extra helping hand when you need it most. It can bring items up to 3kg from 1.2m height Which makes Handybot really handy.

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Anyware offers peace of mind for elderly living alone and their next-of-kin caregiver by monitoring anomalies in the activity and mobility patterns of the elderly based on non-stigmatizing, non-wearable plug-and-play ambient room sensors and in-app care monitoring services.

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Contestant 5

Pill Assistant

Pill Assistant is portable pill dispenser with ergonomic design, suited for Parkinson’s disease patients, but could be used as regular pill dispenser.

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Contestant 6

Digital Senior

Technologies are evolving rapidly, they are aimed at young, active people, but society is aging and seniors are being excluded from this digital environment because seniors have a low level of knowledge and skills of new technologies. Idea is to first create a Senior Distance Digital Learning Service with computer rental and Customer Service Phone. And secondly: To create a web portal for the needs of seniors Silver Senior.

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Contestant 7


LightMirror is a new low-tech device for bioclimatic design. Inclined reflective panels at the edge of the roofs of buildings redirect sunlight to another building. Natural light becomes a controllable asset, and there are many benefits: free solar gains, natural light, increase in well-being.

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Contestant 8


In Vivo’s technology allows to get improved metastable polymorphs and cocrystals of biologically active substance that are much more soluble and bioavailable than stable versions.

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Contestant 9

Flirt Parties

In St. Petersburg (5 384 342 inhabitants), and there are no companies who are professionally engaged in dating pensioners, either in the speed-dating format or in other formats. Flirt Parties offeres different solutions to provide games and socializing opportunities to reduce loneliness among age groups between 25-65 years old

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Contestant 10

Task Share

TaskShare is a Finnish startup developing a sharing economy platform, where adults can get help for their weekly chores and tasks in a mobile application marketplace from trustworthy local youngsters. Our team consists of 7 team members and shareholders including business architects, young rising stars, and experienced tech development professionals who have collaborated in mobile development projects with Finnish companies like Posti, Airpay Digital and Neste. Our team also has great established mentors from University of Vaasa and West Coast Startup.

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Contestant 11


Elderly people after heart surgical intervention need to be monitored of their physiological parameters in order to detect which circumstances lead to heart failure. We provide the soft to take a signal from various kind of sensors provided by different producers to learn individual circumstances leading to heart failure, so to prevent it..

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