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The Digital Silver Hub (DSH) will serve as an environment where quadruple helix actors can collaborate in innovation processes using a methodology based on knowledge exchange, co-creation/co-production techniques, and participatory methods. It will integrate networked Smart Silver Labs operations, transnational accelerator functionalities and financial mechanism functionalities in order to facilitate commercialization of innovative products or services developed using smart silver framework (Fig. 1). It aims to unlock regional and interregional cooperation between different innovation actors in order to achieve common goals and to enhance growth based on smart specialization approach. Also, DSH bridges companies and research organizations for generating new innovative solutions to tackle ageing challenges and to exploit silver economy opportunities.

Fig.1 Smart Silver Framework

DSH aims to mediate innovative smart services and service providers to solve your everyday problems. Services provided are easy to use and comes with support to help you at every step. Now you don’t have to worry about nursing homes or care takers as these innovative solutions will help you lead a more independent life. All you have to do is register, click on the service you want to avail and chose the most suitable option.